For the money, the SCX is a superb value.

First, the basics. It’s a 4-octave chromatic harmonica (chromatic signifying it has all sharps and flats) taking you from C3 (one octave below middle C) to C7 (three octaves over middle C), and two notes more: C# and D.

The phosphor-bronze reeds are essentially problem-free and the instrument has fewer breath saver problems too, especially if you warm your harp before play.

It’s a hefty instrument, with a very nice two-piece rounded mouthpiece, comfortable in play.

The slide moves smoothly.

From what I know, the SCX is based on what was learned from the older SC from Suzuki, (it’s still a pricey item, that SC…when you can find one). Good pedigree.

The SCX is what I call a “market buster”…that’s an instrument priced lower than it should be priced to take market from other manufacturers.

Any rare grumps you may hear about the SCX- I heard one- relate to the earlier version from years ago, prior to the new mouthpiece design, the new slide design model being signified by the gold V2 on the back of the comb…it’s also indicated on the white cardboad box which goes over the plastic case upon delivery. From what I can tell, there aren’t any old 3 piece slide models left out there for sale new.v

It may make a Suzuki fan of you.

The only downside is some feel the tone of the instrument is uninteresting. Hmmmm.