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Nederland, 3 april 2014
Hermine Deurloo, chromatische mondharmonica

Foto: Merlijn Doomernik
“Masters of Harmonica is a very useful website where you can find all the information you need about how to play the chromatic harmonica. It has helpful study tips and very enjoyable videos, as well as interesting perspectives on music as an art form. A very special topic that David Kettlewell teaches better than anybody else is on breathing — as a classical trained singer, he is specialized in this and has very inspiring videos on this topic. I can recommend the website to chromatic harmonica players on every level!”
Hermine Deurloo
Amsterdam, Jazz Harmonica Great/ Listed as one of HOHNER Masters Of The Harmonica
Hermine Deurloo
MASTERSOFHARMONICA.COM is a useful and valuable tool for chromatic harmonica players desiring to develop their technical and interpretative skills.”
Olivier Ker Ourio
Paris, Jazz harmonica great & composer/ Listed as one of HOHNER Masters Of The Harmonica
Olivier Ker Ourio

“This website seems a wonderful resource for chromatic harmonica players worldwide and I believe it will of great help to you as you seek both technical and artistic excellence on the chromatic harmonica.”

Max De Aloe
Venice, International Harmonica Great, composer, author- Method For Chromatic Harmonica
Max De Aloe

“Harmonica looks to non-experts like a simple, primitive, old instrument. We have needed something on the web showing people what chromatic harmonica really is and it’s musical value.Mastersofharmonica.com is the best website I know of for harmonica lovers. It has a beautiful new look and is a perfect starting point for people who want to know about the chromatic harmonica. I  like the blogs and that people can share their thoughts on, and love of music on the Facebook page. I appreciate the tutorial sections personally, they are very complete and well done.”


Stefano Olivato

Stefano Olivato

Message From David Kettlewell.

Welcome to our site! If you love music & CHROMATIC HARMONICA…we can help.

We provide you with both FREE videos and low cost videos on topics which determine your SUCCESS with your instrument….including BREATH control on blows and draws, embouchure (use of mouth and hands to create the sound you want), how to master the instrument, artistic interpretation, music theory, selecting the right harmonica for you, cleaning and lubricating your instrument, and more.

We even help you plan how best to approach your enjoyment of music and chromatic harmonica.

Come back to visit us often, as we are always adding new videos and articles.

We share something very important…we’ve brought the LOVE OF MUSIC into our lives!

Your Host,

David Kettlewell – Masters of Harmonica

Greetings from David Kettlewell, host of Masters of Harmonica