Updated 8/11/17

Many positive comments came in regarding the latest PBS show segment on my work with chromatic harmonica on improvisaton with Italian composer Andrea Antonello Nacci.
(We’ve also been told we will have a 1 hour show for History Channel or Netflix on the new musical form we invented…Multi-Dimensional Music.)
People spoke of Producer Blue Green’s great talent, and ability to create an emotional and compelling story on an eclectic topic.
Personally, I think he did a great job, and told a story about chromatic harmonica anyone can enjoy.
I’d describe the piece as philosophical.
(My segment starts at 12:16)

Definition of Multi-Dimensional Music…

Multi-Dimensional music is a new creation by Italian composer Andrea Antonello Nacci and improvisational artist David Kettlewell.

This LINK will take you to an ALBUM featuring improvisational music of Kettlewell-Nacci…a revolution in sound…



Standard music you’ve heard is one dimensional…a melodic line supported by harmonica progressions and drums and perhaps solo voice moving in a linear manner over time, from the beginning of the piece to the end.

Multi-Dimensional music could be constructed multiple ways, using that standard NORMAL track as a starting point:

  • You could run the piece from back to front (in reverse) and lay it right over the normal track, that would be 2 dimensional music.
  • You could raise the pitch of the NORMAL track by a Major 3rd and overlay it over the NORMAL track.
  • You could run two different pieces of music as NORMAL track, one over the other, and that would be Multi-Dimensional music.
  • You could run the NORMAL track, and overlay that with a track of the same piece raised by a Major 3rd, then another raised by a Perfect 5th.

Note that counterpoint would not be considered Multi-Dimensional, but more a single dimensional piece, regardless of number of voices.

A new dimension in music is created which is counter-intuitive.

One does not hear it in the typical way, but more SENSES it.

Many find it expanding on their spirit and mind.

The effect on the musician and audience is unexpected, it alters the way we SENSE music, and opens us up to new ways of working with sound.

Kettlewell and Nacci are in the very early stages of understanding the musical form.

Here is a grouping of Multi-Dimensional tracks, along with a video explaining the musical form.

 Multi-Dimensional Music Kettlewell Nacci

Kettlewell Nacci