What Is Mastery Of Chromatic Harmonica…see the horizon

To have total aural composure/ being able to play what one imagines in one’s mind, or what one hears live or on recordings…accurately and immediately and without stress (understanding the MIND is our true and most valuable instrument.)

To be able to think of something musically…and play it correctly first time out, with a strong and unique artistic presentation.

To be able to craft improvisations on anything, at will, and with ease.

To be able to recognize where one is in a piece, and play along-at any point one is plopped into the piece of music….without hiccup…just by being plopped there. Like a needle being dropped on a record.

To know intuitively what note is being played (not so much the pitch, along the lines of perfect pitch which is an inborne talent…but more physically…what note is being played on the harp in your hand…and just as important… to know what to do to get to any other note (as in articulation) on the chromatic harmonica, intuitively and consciously, and without stress. And further to be able to say immediately what the intervallic relationship is between any two consecutive notes, and the intervallic relationship between where you are or will be, and where you plan to go musically with the melody.

To hear the chords being played you are to accompany, and to fit in seamlessly either with the melody, or improvisation.

To know intuitively and consciously, how a change to various minor scales would mean to the piece being played, and what it would sound like.

To develop an unlimited musical imagination, and ease of movement over your entire instrument. To be able to make any piece of music “yours” instantly.

To be able to craft tone exactly as you choose, where artistry is created, not falsified reflecting technical mere weaknesses on the player’s part.

To be able to transpose music at will into any key with equal composure.

To be able to read music and hit it dead-on, first time. To be able to do all the above in complete relaxation, and with joy.

Enter the world of Chopin, Mozart, and Toots Thielemans…they desire your company! Make it happen…step-by-step. You can do it.