The Little Punk custom harp currently runs $899 plus shipping for the harp including the state of the art COOL ICE Kettlewell Frictionless Mouthpiece, ERGO button designed by David Kettlewell, Sure-Grip “project sound” covers, stoned reedplates, stainless steel reeds, german silver reedsplates, short throw 5mm activation slide, aluminum comb, orchestra tuned (G3 to F#6) plus packing and shipping and insurance, and taxes if applicable.

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  • Service-Pak includes Hetman’s slide oil, a full set of factory breathsavers, 4 small genuine Crazy glue paks, factory replacement bumper set, and toothpicks for $99.

About the New LITTLE PUNK custom harp fitted with state of the art COOL ICE Kettlewell Frictionless Mouthpiece…the fastest playing harp on the terra.

– 5mm (short throw) slide means fast slide activation

– Totally airtight harp, hint of breath and reed activates

– State of the art COOL ICE 1 hole Slider…friction free movement to new note hole positions, no using saliva to lubricate-so harp stays clean. Relaxed comfortable embouchure, plays fast like wet ice. Can be played as a Kettlewell Frictionless Mouthpiece harp or as conventional…Slider requires NO harp modifications…drop on-or off. The most revolutionary concept in chromatic harmonica since the instrument’s invention.

“The Kettlewell Frictionless Mouthpiece raises the chromatic harmonica for the first time to the level of a top professional orchestral instrument.” Italian composer, Andrea Antonello Nacci.

– Custom ERGO button extends 1/4″ beyond stock button, comfortable at all angles of activation, hand no longer hits right side of face on last hole when activating slide, very fast in play

– Stainless steel reeds, durable, responsive to breath/ orchestra tuned G3-F#6, or C solo tuning…you pick

– Aluminum comb, stable chassis for racing

– Opened covers at back for better harmonic footprint & more volume

– SURE GRIP covers

These custom instruments are hand built by the inventor of the Kettlewell Frictionless Mouthpiece (and author of the book LOVE OF CHROMATIC HARMONICA…TECHNIQUES AND ADVICE FROM THE WORLD’S BEST!) David Kettlewell, on a Seydel Saxony chassis. The Slider is designed and built by hand by Mr. Kettlewell and fully meets his exacting quality standards.

OTHER CUSTOMIZATIONS are available on this harp, including retuning of 12th hole (on orchestral tuning model) to E/F/F#/G from the stock E/F/F/F#- gives harp 3 full octaves, mouthpiece indexing, gold plating of mouthpiece, and other Slider hole patterns such as 5 hole and 3+1…but this is set up EXACTLY as Mr. Kettlewell plays in practice and performance.

To order the harp, contact David personally via the CONTACT link below, or via Facebook Messenger.

    He will schedule a time to talk with you to be sure you understand the instrument.

    Terms are payment in full in advance, prior to build of the harp. $899 plus shipping.

    Understand this is a custom instrument and will need some time to create, and for David to test thoroughly.


    Kettlewell Customizations offers 1 custom harp, plus other products including ERGO buttons…



    The Little Punk custom harp runs $899+ and features a Seydel Saxony orchestra tuned harp chassis with long lasting stainless steel reeds, German silver reedplates, aluminum comb, the COOL ICE Kettlewell Frictionless Mouthpiece, and ERGO button for comfortable slide activation at all angles of play, Sure-Grip covers, stone smoothed reed plate edges for comfort in play and reshaped covers for better projection. It is a hot harp, and the current player David uses in practice and performance.

    David Kettlewell is the inventor of the Kettlewell Frictionless Mouthpiece and Slider, and the ERGO buttons. The Kettlewell Frictionless Mouthpiece offers many advantages to players: It is played with the lips dry, so no saliva dribbles into the harp, keeping it clean. Movement to new note hole positions is fast, easy and friction-free, it requires no modification whatever to the stock harp…just plop it on. The start to the note is crisp. It actually makes new styles of play possible, and experts predict that within one generation the majority of chromatic harmonica players worldwide with utilize sliders. Improvement in instruments, be they pianos, flutes, trumpets, etc. is a constant in the history of music.

    Italian composer Andrea Antonello Nacci said this invention takes the chromatic harmonica to the level of a top pro orchestral instrument.

    The instrument is the fastest playing harp in the world to our knowledge due to its Frictionless Mouthpiece which makes movement to new note hole positions fast and easy, straight tuning with short throw slide,

    Price is $899 plus shipping, tax if applicable, and the optional service pak for ongoing minor service which includes slide oil, full set of Seydel Saxony breathsavers with tootpicks and crazy glue mini tubes which can be resealed and reused, slide print, and replacement bumper set.