Free Chromatic Harmonica Tutorials & Reviews- Videos

Learn to play the Chromatic Harmonica at your pace on your computer. Watch our tutorial videos provided by David Kettlewell and learn to play at your own pace. Most are series, and the second will start when the first video is ending. All are FREE.

How to Play a Single Note on a Chromatic Harmonica

Learn how to play a single note on your Chromatic Harmonica…NOT so easy a task for a player new to the instrument.

By: David Kettlewell

Chromatic Harmonica for Beginners

How to Play an Octave on a Chromatic Harmonica

Learn to play an Octave on your Chromatic Harmonica. What is a Octave? An octave is playing two notes which are the same note…but separated by one octave…the method is to use TONGUE BLOCKING…

By: David Kettlewell

Beginner Series…10 videos to help you get started on Chromatic Harmonica…

Breath Control Series…8 videos to show you how to control BREATH…after all, the chromatic harmonica is a BREATH instrument…

Vibrato Series…6 videos show you all types of vibrato…and how to perform them…

Bends Series…8 videos show how to bend on DRAWS and BLOWS…and more…

The PYRAMID Is Your Key To Improving As A Player…It’s All About Developing Base Skills.

It’s not enough to practice…you must practice the right things the right way. David Kettlewell explains how the Pyramid will affect your progress on chromatic harmonica…it is the KEY to success on chromatic harmonica.


EARLY VIDEOS OF The Kettlewell Frictionless Mouthpiece…a Historically significant invention improving ease of play and comfort, opening doors to new styles of play 

Performance Chromatic Harmonica…David Kettlewell…the joy of music

Multi-Dimensional Music…Kettlewell Nacci 

Multi-Dimensional Music is a new artform created by Italian composer Andrea Antonello Nacci and American improvisational artist David Kettlewell. The 1st video explains the musical art form.

The New Artform of Improvised Story on Music…Kettlewell Nacci…an exciting new form of art where story is made up in the moment on music…speaking to the human condition in ways which have not been done before…a creation of the team Kettlewell Nacci

Chromatic Harmonica Reviews:

Psardo Elite and Gold Bar Chromatic Harmonicas

Perhaps the finest instruments in the world today are the 2 new harps by…the Psardo Elite and Gold Bar harps. Their tone is exquisite and build quality superb among chromatic harmonicas for the reasons outlined in this video.

By: David Kettlewell – Masters of Harmonica 

 Chromatic Harmonica Tutorial & Review Videos